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ENHANCE’S philosophy is very simple: Train hard or don’t train at all! 

If you want to improve, you have to train harder. But training harder doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to train longer. Volume, frequency, and intensity are any strength program’s three primary variables . Any good program that includes these three variables will stimulate increased muscular power, strength, and size.

In order to enhance performance, we need to focus on what the athlete needs for his or her sport and what the sport demands of the athlete. In addressing these two key concepts, we develop the program best suited for that particular athlete. We consider other factors as well, such as height, weight, body fat percentage, emotions, and desire

Through his experience training high school athletes, NCAA athletes, and other individuals, Michael consistently develops programs that increase gains more quickly, and with fewer plateau phases. His programs are geared to deliver what the athlete truly needs to excel. His training style involves many different types of muscular training techniques, proven through years of research, and with an emphasis on variation, not constant repetition .

Mission Statement

The principal goal of this program is to produce and perfect highly skilled athletes through fabricating and administrating structured strength and conditioning programs that are supported by advanced ideas and backed by scientific research.


An athlete is constantly looking for the best strategy to become stronger, faster and more powerful—to gain an edge over the opponent. An athlete’s level of muscular power, strength, cardio endurance, speed, and skill is directly related to performance. But how do you strive to improve in those areas? Improper training decreases athletes’ performance by increasing the likelihood and severity of injury. Improper training can also cause delayed-onset muscle soreness or de-conditioning through harmful, flawed programs. Our objective is to provide proper training and meet each athlete’s individual goals.

Trainer's Goals

  • Instill the athlete with proper knowledge, so that he or she understands the benefits of conditioning
  • Physically challenge and inspire the athlete to greater athletic ability
  • Improve the athlete’s power, strength, cardio endurance, speed and skill
  • Train athletes naturally; encouraging healthy diet and discouraging the use of performance-enhancing drugs

All athletic performance training and group programs are offered at Enhance Fitness Studio, LLC located in Countryside, IL.
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