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In-Home Fitness Training

In-Home Fitness Training is a simple solution that provides quick results and no hassle.  You will find it much more convenient and cost-effective than going to a gym, even as you enjoy a top-level, 1-on-1 workout in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

Enhance works with clients to establish and accomplish fitness goals on all levels, from weight loss to athletic performance.  General goals include losing body fat, increasing lean muscle mass, increasing range of motion, decreasing muscle fatigue, and weight management. All training is custom fit to the client and their specific goals.  

Start your fitness program and start seeing results!

In-Home Personal Training is ideal for:

  • Busy people with little free time
  • Those who would like to take advantage of the fitness center within their condo/apartment
  • Those who question the worth of pricey fitness club memberships
  • Those who need guidance on previously purchased home gym equipment
  • Those who are overwhelmed by gym equipment and would like a guided and more manageable workout routine
  • Anyone who wants quick results AND sustainable fitness improvement

There are no headaches and no excuses with in-home personal training with ENHANCE Personal Training & Athletic Performance, Inc.

The advantages of in-home fitness training include:

  • No gym membership fees
  • One-on-one attention
  • Privacy
  • Convenience of the trainer coming to you
  • No dealing with traffic, parking or public transportation
  • Sessions are arranged to fit your schedule
  • No crowded gyms
  • No uncomfortable locker room visits
  • No waiting for equipment

No home equipment necessary, ENHANCE brings everything to the client.  Contact us now to get started!

Rates for in-home personal training (60 min.)
  • One In-Home Session - $105
  • Five In-Home Sessions - $485 ($97 per session)
  • Ten In-Home Sessions - $890 (Only $89 per session)

For Studio Personal Training Rates please visit www.EnhanceFitnessStudio.com
studio training rates as low as $45 per session!